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Bob Todd

Bob Todd was a very successful disc jockey during the 60's and early 70's.  His influence and contributions during his radio career helped shape Top 40 radio. To learn more about Bob Todd and his passion for remembering the DJ's of the past and the history of Top 40 radio click here  www.OurRadioShow.NET

Bob Todd Mont

WQXI Bob ToddBob with Paul Revere and The RaidersWQXI DJs

Bob with Kent Burkhart Young Bob Todd

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Bob Todd was a TEEN IDOL! 

In 1967 Bob was in Teen Life Magazine for
"The Most Handsome DJ in the World"

Read the article from Teen Life Magazine.

The winner was Long John Silver, pictured next to Bob Todd with a patch over his eye.




CKLW Studios on The Detroit River 1967

Detroit as seen from the CKLW Studios 1967

CKLW The Big 8 CKLW logo

Bob with Jonny NashMotown Review at the Rooster Tail

The Supremes

In 1969 he-programmed WAKY in Louisville, Kentucky.  One of the first rock stations in the country it was truly one of America’s great radio stations: and remains a legend in Louisville. This is the story of ClassicTop40Radio when it was at its zenith.  They were magic days of rock-n-roll.

Bob Todd was one of the pioneers of music television and was one of two of the first video DJ in the world.  The program was called "THE NOW EXPLOSION". It was syndicated in major markets nationwide. Click here to see the videos that rocked the rock-n-roll world in 1970.
Read the newspaper article which broke the story 30 years later: Atlanta Constitution 


Bob & Bob 1970

The Now Explosion Creator, Bob Whitney & Bob Todd 1970 in Atlanta.


The Original Now Explosion Crew WATL Atlanta - TV (CH 36)

Bob and Bob 2001

Bob Whitney & Bob Todd - 2001 in Florida

ClassicTop40 DJs Bob Todd and Bob Whitney on the Joey Reynolds Radio Show WOR NY, 3/21/01:

ClassicTop40 DJ Dan Ingram of WABC New York on the Joey Reynolds Show WOR NY 3/21/01:

I Love you New Orleans Billboard